Apple Fix for macOS Sierra Common, Safari Cookies and OS X Boot Problems and Errors


  1. Most Common macOS Sierra Issues and their Fixes

The major update to Apple’s Mac OS X is no more OS X 10.12; instead, it is the thirteenth major release of macOS named ‘macOS Sierra’. The latest desktop operating system macOS Sierra comes with numerous unique features, like Auto Unlock, Continuity, Universal Clipboard, and much more. It will also bring Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, which will allow Mac users to control their machines with just their voice. Like all other operating systems, it’s likely possible that users will painfully encounter some macOS Sierra issues, like macOS Sierra supported Macs, macOS Sierra download problem, etc. For all these problems, you can simply take help of technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get instant fixes for the most common macOS Sierra issues. You can also dial support phone number for Apple® here to get help on Mac OS X problems in an efficient manner with the help of certified technicians.

iTunes 12.5 with macOS Sierra not responding Problem

Here is how to fix macOS Sierra update problems with white screen on reboot:

  • Simply restart your Mac.
  • Now start iTunes in Safe Mode to troubleshoot this error.
  • Update iTunes to the latest version 12.5.
  • After this, turn off Wi-Fi -> go to iTunes menu -> Store -> Sign Out -> turn on Wi-Fi and open iTunes again.
  • Finally, reinstall iTunes again.

In case you confront any sort of issue, then visit support for Apple® page to help on macOS Sierra not responding problem with the help of Intelli Atlas professional technicians in a proficient way. Read more at

  1. Blocking Cookies in Safari browser

As you know that various websites use browser cookies to store and retrieve information about you each time you visit that browser. Sometimes this process is helpful, that save your shopping cart information between sessions; but sometimes these cookies also allow advertisers to outline you and try to get you to spend more money. In case you want to take control of your privacy, you can block all cookies in Safari. To Block cookies in Safari browser, you can contact a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get instant support in a proficient manner. You can also dial support phone number for Apple® to get help managing cooking settings in Safari with the help of certified Apple technicians.

In case you may want to disable cookies on your safari web browser due to some privacy reasons, or to free up space on your hard drive, then you can take reliable Apple Safari technical support and get instant help from the expert technicians in a proficient manner.

For those users who are unfamiliar with cookies, a ‘cookie’ is small data storage present in your system from a web service that is kept on a user’s browser, which typically contains a session settings, like what’s in a shopping cart, or keeping user login details.  In order to block cookies in Safari browser, you can visit contact Apple® support page to control cookies on your Safari browser and get customized support from the apple technicians. Read more at

  1. How to Use Startup Keys to Resolve Mac OS X Boot Problems

Macs are not as such prone to software and hardware problems. A Mac may sometimes not respond to the Power button at all, or Mac OS X may crash or otherwise fail to start up properly. Starting your Mac mini showing an issue means that there are some serious issues which can damage your hard disk or crash your system data anytime. As Mac mini runs on Mac OS X, you need to run a troubleshoot process and find the best solution to fix the Mac mini start up issue. If you have Apple Mac Mini computer, a range of relatively ordinary issues could cause the device to stop starting up as expected. To get instant help for troubleshooting a Mac Mini startup issue, you can contact a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get instant help from the certified Apple technicians. You can also visit Apple support page to troubleshoot a Mac Mini startup issue in a customized manner.

Below are given some ways to troubleshoot the issue:

Verify Connections

If your Mac Mini is not starting properly, then there is a problem in your computer monitor rather than with the Mac Mini itself. Before proceeding with troubleshooting steps check if the power light on the Mac Mini is illuminated. If it is on, then the issue is likely to relate to your monitor. Verify that your monitor is correctly and steadily connected to the Mac Mini. For this, simply contact Intelli Atlas and get instant support for the same. You can also dial Apple customer support service help phone number here to get help on Mac Mini startup problem to save hard disk or system from being damaged with the help of certified technicians instantly. Read more at

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